Modem 18
An Interschool Computer Symposium Hosted By Modern School Vasant Vihar

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24th August 2018
Modern School Vasant Vihar

About Modem

The event connects the following values

Evolving Abilities

The first thing us Modernites are taught is to be sharp, and to the point. Modem is just another way of challenging these qualities, exposing students to the way of Modern and having a great experience.

Better Society

Through Modem we aim at building a better community, a better society and a better world my making our future generations more aware through practical applications of the skills they know about.

Evolving Tech

Technology stumps the last update over and over again, and perfection seems like a myth. That is just how nature works. You must know there where the finish line is, for otherwise where would you steer your ship(of knowledge).


The results of each event have been revealed, our school didn't compete in any of these.
All the following events were held:

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The Faithful FIFA Fanatic Click to know more!
The Desktop Designer Click to know more!

Overall Winners

D.P.S. R.K. Puram